Past Members




First Name Last Name Department College
Wayne Andrews Art/Art History CFPCA
Marion I Barnhard Physiology Med
Fernande Bassan Romance and Germanic Languages CLAS
Thomas N Bonner History CLAS
Michael E Conrad Computer Science CLAS
Piero P Foa Physiology Med
Morris Goodman Anatomy Med
Joseph Grano Law  
Jerome Horwitz Internal Med Med
James M Jay Biological Science CLAS
Larry Kevan Chemistry CLAS
Chuan-Pu Lee Biochemistry Med
Gabriel W Lasker Anthropology/Anatomy Med
Leonard Leone Theatre CFPCA
Jeanne M. Lusher Pediatrics Med
Phillis John Physiology Med
Walter H Seegers Physiology Med
Albert Siegel Biological Sciences CLAS
Ross Stagner Psychology CLAS
T. T. Tchen Chemistry CLAS
Alexander J Watt Surgery CLAS
Robert Wilbert Art/Art History CFPCA





First Name Last Name Department
Walter E Chavin Biological Sciences
Hurst S Daemmrich Romance and Germanic Languages
Mark I Evans Obstretrcs/ Gynecology
David Fand Economics
William Hase Computer Science
Eva Kahana Sociology
Gisela Labouvie-Vief Psychology
Jacob Lassner Near Eastern Languages
Edward C Lim Chemistry
Martin Newcomb Obstetrics/Gynecology
Barry P Rosen Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Noel R Rose Immunology and Microbiology
Ivan A Schulman Spanish
David J Smyth Economics
Clarence W Wilkerson, Jr Mathematics